It all started when…

Our beloved Lana the frenchie has had some very bad luck ...

Lana was playing in the backyard with her ball nothing out of the ordinary and started acting extremely different then her usual sassy self, we rushed her to the emergency and got some unfortunate news that she herniated her discs on her lower spine and had ivdd disease. The doctors said that we needed to act fast and that Lana needed a surgery in order for her to have a chance to walk again.

As of now she still has No Mobility on her back legs, Acupuncture and water therapy is what she need for her to have a chance at walking again and back to doing her simple love of walking, playing and being a great therapy dog to elders and children. 

Inspired by her strength and a family trip we took to Mexico, Nice beast was founded. We take part in employing Indigenous woman and its influence on the local culture, identity, and local crafters.